Spell to Gain Friends


  • 2 white illuminator candles
  • Small amount of chosen herb
  • Gemstone matching the moon sign
  • Small cloth bag
  • Favorite perfume/cologne
  • Bowl

In the new moon under the moon sign you've chosen, gather herbs and gems and place them on the altar. Light two white illuminator candles. Place the herbs and gems in a bowl. Mix with your hands while saying:
"Moon in (sign), shine for me
Fill this bow with energy.
Herbs and gems, please do your work
Find a friend who's not a jerk.
No one's perfect, this I know
Help us both to learn and grow
With love, and joy, and dignity
As I will, so mote it be!"

Add three drops of your favorite perfume or cologne to the mixture. Repeat the words of the spell again, then pour the mixture into the bag and tie it shut. Hold your hands over the packet and repeat the words a final time. Thank the Lord and Lady for their assistance. Carry the packet with you.