Spell to Ease Homesickness and Bring Happiness


  • Illuminator candles
  • Objects from both cultures, nationalities, and faiths
  • Flags from both countries

Note: This spell is to be done with your foreign friend.

Place the objects both collected on your altar — your things on one side, your friend's on the other.

Place both flags in the center of the altar, side by side.

Light the illuminator candles.

Have your friend teach you a favorite song in their language. Sing it together in their language, then sing it together in your native tongue. If you both know a common language that isn't your native one, sing that one too. As you sing, move the things on the altar so that they get all mixed up on top of both flags. Try singing faster as you move the objects.

When you're done, hold hands over the altar, and tell each other how you feel about what you've just done.

As you collect your things, exchange one token object with your foreign friend, as well as the flags. Wrap the object in the flag you received and store it in a safe place.