Spell to Catch a Criminal


  • Bird cage
  • Small red clay flower pot
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Marigold seeds
  • White parchment paper
  • Black marker

When the moon is in Scorpio, cast a magick circle and call the quarters. Invoke Spirit and cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies. With the black marker, write down your intention; for example:
To catch and bring to justice the person who slashed the tires of my car.

Place the dirt in the pot, then plant the marigold seeds, and say:
"As these flowers grow, so I will the universe to spread its blanket of justice upon you."

Pour a little water over the ground, and say:
"As Spirit cleanses my Spirit, so will my life be cleansed of your evil."

Place the pot in the cage. As you shut the door to the cage, say:
"As I have caged these seeds, so you shall be caged by your own actions."

Tap each side of the cage, and then the top and bottom, and say:
"Justice from the east, justice from the south, justice from the west, justice from the north, as above and so below, you have sealed your own fate. The gods sit in judgment of you now."

Place the cage in sunlight, saying:
"Thou who are in the heavens, smile upon my request. Bring light to this mystery so that harmony may come to pass. So mote it be."

Thank deity, close the quarters, and release the circle. Be sure to care for the plant.

When the criminal has been caught, and the season and time are right, transplant the marigold to the out-of-doors.