Spell to Call Up a Hearth Spirit


  • Cat

For your dwelling place to be a true home, a household spirit needs to live within its walls. So that a good brownie may be induced to take up residence, take a cat on one side, and utter this magick charm over her head three times:
“Little one, without a name
Come inside and make much game
I send my cat upon this errand
To hunt you out till you be found
And may you of good heart be
And truly charming company.”

Then let the cat run off, and when she comes home again you must watch her closely; you will see her skit and play, patting a little at the air, and growing kittenish as though a child played with her.

So by little signs and signals you will come to recognize that a brownie has entered your house; and you may be confident that he will soon make himself known to you. Never frighten or abuse him, but thank him for the tasks he performs, and always praise his handiwork.