Spell to Bring Money into the House


  • 3 inch by 3 inch square of black cloth or paper
  • Silver pen
  • Rubber band
  • Old jar or flower pot
  • Dirt from your back yard
  • Dried or fresh mint leaves
  • Pencil or small maple twig
  • Water in a small white or silver bowl

On a new moon, with the silver pen draw the symbol for Mercury on one side of the black cloth/paper and the symbol for the Earth on the other.

Hold your hands over the bowl of water and imagine that your entire body receives spiritual cleansing, then hold your hands over both symbols (one at a time) and empower for prosperity. Empower the mint leaves. Sprinkle or lay mint leaves over the symbol of the Earth, saying your name nine times. Roll the cloth/paper and leaves around the barrel of the pencil. Secure with rubber band.

Carry in your pocket, book bag, or purse until the money you need comes to you.

You can re-empower the symbol again on the following new moon.

Remember to scatter the old mint leaves to the winds, thanking the Spirits, and replace with freshly empowered leaves.