Spell to Banish Negative Energy from a House


  • 4 black candles
  • 4 pieces of onyx, lodestone or magnetized iron
  • Incense

Take four black candles and put them at each of the cardinal points of your home. Next to each candle put a piece of onyx, lodestone or magnetized iron. Light the four candles and see them sucking up all the negative energy in the house and channeling it back into the earth through the stones.

Next take a stick of incense (frankincense or sandalwood is best) and draw a banishing pentagram of Earth at each window, wall, door and corner of your house. (To draw a banishing pentagram of Earth: start at the lower left then up to the top then down to the right, across to the upper left point and back to the upper right point and finish at the lower left point.) Visualize the negative energy being pushed beyond the pentagram and locked outside as you complete it.

After the candles have burned a bit and you feel that they have absorbed the negative energies bury them outside around the house (in the four directions).

Leave the stones where they are, and visualize them as a spiritual electric fence that keeps the negative energy or pesky spirits from coming back in.