Spell of the Witch's Ring


  • Ring
  • Salt
  • Incense
  • Candle
  • Water
  • Personal cologne
  • Burning dish
  • Moon oil
  • 4 bowls
  • Red votive candle
  • Red cloth or tissue paper

Time: Two days before the first night of the Full Moon. Midnight is best but nine in the evening will do if necessary.

Consult a table of correspondences for a stone that you wish to form an alignment with.

Once you have the ring you desire to use, then perform the following ritual. Consecrate the ring to the four elements. To do this, simply prepare four bowls. Pour salt into one bowl, and place smoking incense in another. In the third bowl set a lighted red votive candle. Pour clean water into the last bowl. Then touch the ring to each bowl saying:
“I consecrate thee by earth (salt), air (incense), fire (votive candle), and water (water bowl).”

Pour a small amount of personal cologne in your burning dish. Light the fluid. Hold the ring over the flame, turning it, and chanting:
“I dedicate and consecrate this ring with a stone of (stone) and metal of (metal) to be a ring of Witchery unto me with the powers of the Goddess three, the Lady of all Witchery, and as my word so mote it be.”

Place an incense of the Moon in a bowl and light it. Set a bottle of Moon oil nearby.

Hold the ring over the incense, passing it through the smoke three times. Then anoint the ring with the oil.

Wrap the ring in a red cloth or tissue paper and leave it for three nights in a place where the Moon will shine on it each night, at the same hour (at least one hour after sundown on an odd-numbered hour).

Chant the following over the ring (still in the red wrapping):
“Any and all who perfect an image of me, with my likeness or as a crude consecrated image to be me, to do me bodily harm or to injure me spiritually and try to take my breath away, to cause me to dwindle or pine, pine away to nothing, to wish evil up on me, to badger me with their anger or bad thoughts, by picture, image, or name, the ring of my Lady protect me, metal and stone, flesh and bone, safe forever in you powers, free from evil, fear, or despair, on the sender of the evil will rebound by the law of the Lady thrice crowned, hearken all unto me, as I speak, so mote it be.”

Wear the ring whenever you are in a ritual setting, or whenever you feel the need for protection.

On the night of each Full Moon thereafter, anoint the ring again by rubbing a drop of oil on the stone. Then raise the ring upward toward the Moon and ask for blessings in the name of the Goddess.