Spell for the Holidays


  • Elixir of the Moon hand drawn on white paper
  • Black marker
  • Colored pencils
  • Any one of the following candles
    • Bayberry (prosperity and good fortune)
    • Gold (success and prosperity)
    • Silver (psychism and success)
    • Red (to get things moving)
    • White (all purpose)
  • Favorite incense
  • Favorite magickal oil

Time: Full or new moon, Sunday or Monday, planetary hour of the sun or moon, or when moon is in Leo


Draw the Elixir of the Moon on the piece of paper. Repeat the Alchemical Chant for Manifestation three times while holding your hands over the drawing. Light the incense and pass the paper and the candle through the scented smoke, saying this statement of intent:
"I manifest love, luck, happiness, and serenity over the holiday season."

Rub your favorite magickal oil on the candle, and repeat the statement of intent. Light the candle, and again repeat the statement. Pass the piece of paper over the flame (not too close) and say the statement. With the colored pencils, color the sun yellow saying:
"I activate the good fortune of the sun."

Color the moon with the white colored pencil, saying:
"I activate the power of the moon, and draw toward myself love, luck, happiness, and serenity over the holiday season."

With the red color pencil, slightly shade the area around the symbol of Mars (Mars_zpso63wodaq.png), saying:
"I activate the energy of Mars to bring myself love, luck, happiness, and serenity over the holiday season."Using the blue pencil, color the area around Mercury (mercury_zpsblfftvy7.png), saying:
"I open the pathway between myself and Spirit so that I may enjoy clear thinking and communicate well over the holiday season."Using the pink pencil, color the area around Venus (Venus_zpszeibopit.png), saying:
"I call forth the energy of universal love to abide in and around me during this holiday season, and beyond."For Jupiter (Jupiter_zpsumih4tbf.png), choose the green pencil. While coloring the area around Jupiter, say:
"I call upon the powers of clear vision and expansion to bring growth to my good fortune over the holiday season."Use the purple pencil to color around Saturn (Saturn_zpsyfaof6il.png), saying:
"I work well with authority figures and my efforts will bring great rewards over the holiday season."

Take three deep breaths and hold the colored talisman in your hand, then write your name on the back of the talisman. Dot the scented oil under your name. Place both hands over the talisman and envision the holiday season you desire. Put the paper under the candle holder and allow it to remain there until the candle has completely burned. Carry the paper with you in your purse or wallet during the holiday season. If you feel that the energy is wearing down, repeat the statement of intent while holding the paper close to your heart.