Spell for if You've Been Thrown Out of the House


  • Candle
  • Small bowl of spring water

Cast a circle. Hold the bowl of water in your left hand and the lit candle in your right hand. Bring the candle close to the bowl so that the reflection of the candle is cast upon the water.

Carry the bowl and candle to each quarter, making sure that the reflection of the candle remains in the water.

As a part of your invocation to the quarters, at each quarter ask that the guardians of those portals make way for the path between yourself and a place to live that is affordable, loving, save, and secure.

Walk to the center of the circle and hold the bowl and candle a little above eye level, and repeat your request, then plunge the candle into the water, saying:
"It is done!"

Thank deity, release the quarters and release the circle.