Spell for Finding a New Home


  • Small brown paper bag
  • Pen/pencil
  • Crushed mint
  • Picture of your family
  • Lodestone or a magnet
  • List of everything you'd like that applies to your new home
  • 2 white candles (optional)

When the moon is in the chosen sign or during a first or second quarter moon, draw a picture of a house on the paper bag.

Place the picture of your family, the list of what kind of house you'd like, the lodestone or magnet, and the crushed mint in the bag.

Place the white candle (if you're using one) by the bag (but not so close that it might catch fire).

Cast the magick circle and call the quarters. Hold your hands over the bag, and say:
"A home is filled with joy and love
With blessings fashioned from above.
A house I seek to call a home
Where peace is found and joy is known.
We'll find a place to call our own."

Light the candle, saying:
"Earth, air, water, fire, please bring to me the house I/we desire."

Hold your hands over the bag, repeating the chant three times. Take a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes. Visualize your family happy and smiling, moving into your new house, trailer, or apartment. Take another deep breath and clap your hands, saying:
"It is done!"

Draw an equal armed cross in the air over the candle and bag. Allow the candle to burn down completely. Keep the cold candle and the "house bag" together until you have moved into the new home.

On the night of the full moon, light another white candle, and ask for blessings on your family and new home. Bury the candle ends and "bag house" in the yard.