Spell for Beauty


  • Mirror
  • Favorite incense
  • Picture of Hathor
  • List of inner beauty things you'd like to change
  • Pen
  • Blank paper

Light the incense and look into the mirror. Ask yourself, "What message am I sending to the world?" Write down on the blank paper the outer things you would like to change. Now think about how you act with your family. Is there anything there you'd like to change, if so write it down. Finally, think about how you act around your friends. If there is something you'd like to be different, write that down too.

Take three deep breaths and think about Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of beauty. Close your eyes and talk to her. Tell her the inner beauty things you wrote down on the first list. Open your eyes and draw her symbol over your list with the pen. Say:
"Heaven and earth, liquid and plain
The moon's bright glow and stars maintain
That goodness grows within my soul
And spreads throughout my body whole
And with the blessing of Hathor's kiss
I become the beauty that none shall miss."

Fold the paper and hold it in both hands. Repeat the words while thinking of yourself the way you wish to be. Blow on the paper three times, then make the symbol of the equal-armed cross over your reflection in the mirror. Say:
"This spell is sealed from skin to soul. So mote it be."