Spell for Beauty


  • Hand mirror never used by you
  • ¼ cup vervain
  • 1 pinch eye bright
  • 1 pinch yerba santa leaves
  • ¼ cup spring water
  • A piece of red velvet
  • Chalice
  • Athame

Time: Waxing moon or full moon.

In your chalice, mix the herbs and spring water, stirring with your athame, singing the Song For Beauty.

Paint your mirror with this potion, taking care that you do not catch your reflection in it.

Capture in the magick mirror the reflection of Hathor, the Goddess of Beauty, or any other form of person you wish to resemble. Wrap the mirror in the red velvet and take it with you to a starlit river or lake.

When the surface is calm, look at your reflection and cast the magick mirror in the water, shattering your reflection.

“Aphrodite, born of the Sea,
Let thy power transfigure me.
Grant to me thy rounded breast,
Slender limb and all that’s best
Of hair and eyes and nose and chin,
A smooth, unwrinkled, silken skin
To catch the eye and turn the head
Of any man, I be wed*
For no man’s proof against the Arts
That, through his eyes, reach his heart.
O Goddess of the form Divine,
Make my appearance like to thine!”

Then do a dance upon the shore, to Harthor/Aphrodite, or sing to the stars, songs of beauty.

*The line “Of man, I be wed” may be changed to “Of him whom I desire to wed” or “I’ll not be scorned but choose instead” or “Of lovers I desire to bed”

Song of Beauty
“Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth for thy live is better than wine!
Behold thou art fair my love!
Behold thou art fair my beloved is mine and I am his!”