Spell for a Friendship/Love Bond


  • 1 candle (pink preferably or white for peace and harmony)
  • 2 pink cups
  • 1 lemon
  • Rose incense
  • Sea salt
  • Knife
  • Permanent pen

This spell is not for drawing people unfairly together. It is for strengthening the bond between two or more people. Its very simple.

Open a circle and say together that the lemon represents your everlasting care for each other. Cut two pieces of the rind away about the size of a half dollar. Squeeze the lemon juice into the cups and before you drink say that you:
"Are now taking in the juice of friendship taken from the same lemon, we who live in the same world."

Take the pieces of rind you saved and put them in water (for elemental water), the salt (for earth), the incense (for air) and then dry them in the flame slightly. Write your name with the pen on the lemon rinds and exchange them with you friend saying that you:
"Now give them this gift of friendship for them to ever keep as a token of friendship. We now recognize our eternal friendship. So mote it be."

Leave the rinds somewhere warm to dry them and then treasure them in a safe place!