Snow Person Healing Spell


  • Mini-snow person
  • 21 snowballs

Make a mini-snow person that represents your friend or relative. Make twenty-one snow balls. As you make each snowball, think of your friend and of banishing the illness from him or her. Set the snowballs around the snow person to form a nice circle. Chant the following:
"Surround her/him, enfold her/him, heal her/him, hold her/him."

Walk around the snowballs in a counterclockwise direction as you chant. Clap if you think no one is watching. When you feel you are finished, hold your hands toward the snow person and say:
"Winter winds on a day
Winter sun melt her troubles away.
Wheel revolve, death to birth
Air to fire, water to earth!
May this spell not reverse
Or place upon me any curse.
May all astrological correspondences
Be correct for this working.
So mote it be!"