Simple Talisman for Strength and Protection


  • Popsicle stick (washed and dried)
  • Fine point black indelible marker
  • The four elements

Cast the magick circle and call the quarters. Ask Spirit to enter the circle, bringing strength and protection. Cleanse and consecrate the stick with the four elements.

On one side of the popsicle stick, write the Hebrew name of God: YHWH, and on the other side, write the feminine Hebrew letters for God: HYH. Hold the stick in your hand and, using your magickal voice, intone the names of god/dess (yod, he, vau, he and he yod he). Begin softly and slowly raise the energy and the volume level of your voice. When you feel that the stick has been blessed, say:

Seal the magick by pressing the stick first to your forehead, then heart, over your left shoulder, followed by your right. Say:
"As I will, protection be."

Carry the stick with you or give to a friend.