Simple Spell to Banish Negative Energy


  • Herbs to help purify/protect/banish (dragon's blood, bay laurel, sage, and benzoin are some suggestions)
  • Blue candle
  • Cleansed needle, quartz with sharp point, or bolline (used for writing in candle)
  • Square paper (represents control over situation)
  • Cauldron or fire proof bowl (optional)
  • Black ink pen

Gather your herbs and have them either scattered around or burning in cauldron or fire proof bowl. If you have no herbs, find an appropriate incense.

Take the blue candle and carve into with instrument of choice a symbol of what you are wanting or write it if you will. Example would be a peace sign, happy face or you could write No more negative use what feels right to you.

On the paper write:
“I will you away
I banish you dark energy
I need you not this day
I ask the Gods to take this negativity from me
Peace of mine and spirit is what I pray”

You may want to say this out loud. While you are saying it light the candle. Then light the piece of paper (be sure to put down before it burns you) while it burns focus and visualize the fire sending its energy to you and consuming the negative vibes. See the darkness fading and feel the warmth of the flame. See yourself happy and care free.

Let the candle burn out.

Meditate with this image as long as you are able to.

Give thanks to the Gods.