Simple Candle and Meditation Spell


  • Candle to represent your want
    • Red: Desire, Protection, Passion, Strength, Health, Courage
    • Blue: Change, psychic ability
    • Light Blue: Patience, healing, happiness
    • White: Protection, purification, peace
    • Green: Money, fertility, growth, employment, luck
    • Yellow: Intellect, attraction, study, and divination
    • Brown: Healing, Animals
    • Pink: Love, Friendships
    • Orange: Stimulation, energy
    • Purple: Power, healing severe diseases, spiritual/psychic, meditation
  • Carving tool (quartz crystal, cleansed needle, athame)

Take the tool of your choice and carve a symbol onto the candle to represent what you need. Example would be heart for love, peace sign for inner peace or problem resolution. You may also write what you need on the candle.

Light the candle. Sit comfortably before it. Visualize yourself and your problem. Feel the conflict in you. See a solution to the problem.

Visualize your problem going away and see yourself happy and gaining what you need. If you have trouble doing this then picture yourself sitting as you are see a cloud of energy around you color that energy for what you need example: yellow for divination see the yellow sparkle and swarm around you. Feel its energy tingling on your skin. Breathe deeply and draw the energy into you.

Feel its warmth going beneath your skin and into you combining with your personal energy. Visualize and mediate for as long as you are comfortable.

When you are done be sure to eat something or taste some salt. It is important to slowly come out of this to avoid feeling dizzy or sick.