Self Dedication


  • Salt
  • Perfumed oil
  • Pentacle
  • Jewelry
  • Wine chalice

Insert the following where stated in circle casting.

Put pinch of salt on tongue:
“I am a mortal, loved and cared for by the Triple Goddess and the Great God. Through the Great Mother, all things are born; to her, all things, in their season, return. Through her sacred cauldron, I enter and leave this physical world, until by my actions I no longer must return to learn.”

Set perfumed oil on pentacle, kneel before altar:
“I, (name), come into this sacred place willingly. I come to dedicate my life to the pagan way, to the Old Celtic Gods, whose power is still strong and vital. Here I give my word-bond to follow the ancient paths that lead to true wisdom and knowledge. I will serve the Great Goddess and give reverence to the Great God. I am a pagan, a stone of the ancient circle, standing firmly balanced upon the Earth, yet open to the winds of the heavens, and enduring through time.
May the Old Celtic Gods witness my words!”

Rise and go to eastern quarter:
“Behold, O Powers of Air! I, (name), am a follower of the Lord and Lady.”

In south quarter:
“Behold, O Powers of Fire! I, (name), am a follower of the Lord and Lady.”

In west quarter:
“Behold, O Powers of Water! I, (name), am a follower of the Lord and Lady.”

In north quarter:
“Behold, O Powers of Earth! I, (name), am a follower of the Lord and Lady.”

Return to altar, take perfumed oil, place drop on your power hand, anoint respective sites saying:
“Let my mind be open to your truth.” (forehead)
“Let my mouth be silent among the unbelievers.” (upper lip)
“Let my heart seek you always.” (over heart)
“Let my hands lift in praise of you.” (center of palms)
“Let my feet always walk your secret paths.” (tops of feet)

Stand in silence to receive blessing. Lay your piece of jewelry on pentacle.
“This emblem shall I wear for all things magickal.
Bless this (name of jewelry), O Great Ones, that I may be blessed and protected in all ways.”

Place wine chalice on pentacle, then lift it high:
“To the Old Gods! Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.”

Drink the wine, saving some to be put outside for little people.

This is a time for meditation, then close the circle.