Self Blessing

Blessed am I for I am the Goddess,
Blessed is my crown for I am aware of myself,
Blessed is my brain for I can think with reason and logic,
Blessed are my eyes for I can see color and shape,
Blessed are my ears for I can hear words and melody,
Blessed is my mouth for I can kiss and talk and sing.

Blessed is my throat for I can bridge between from within and without,
Blessed are my shoulders for I can bear burdens,
Blessed are my arms for I can reach out to you and my world,
Blessed are my breasts for I can give nourishment and receive pleasure.

Blessed are my hands for I can do and make and hold,
Blessed is my heart for I beat with the rhythm of the cosmos,
Blessed is my stomach for I can feed my needs,
Blessed is my navel for I am connected to my mother,
Blessed is my gut for I can feel what I do not want,
Blessed is my womb for I can generate new beginnings.

Blessed is my clitoris for I can spin sweet energy,
Blessed is my vagina for I can receive into myself,
Blessed is my anus for I can rid myself of what is finished,
Blessed are my legs for I can move in any direction,
Blessed are my feet for I can stand firm on Earth.

Blessed am I for I am the Goddess.