Secret Name Ritual for Protection

Do this ritual in private, making sure no one can hear you.

Begin by stating your secret name, and then say that all the previous names you have been known by are not your true names. Only one name represents the true you, and that is your secret name. Then say three times:
"My secret and true name is (insert name)."

Once you have done this, then say:
"No one can harm me with any negative work of magick
Unless they know my secret and true name."

Again say three times:
"My secret and true name is (insert name)."

Next, create an eternity clause in your ritual. Do this by setting up impossible tasks that anyone finding out your secret name and wanting to do you harm, would have to do before being able to harm you with their dark magick. For example say:
"Before anyone can use my secret name against me,
They must count all the atoms, one by one,
Of all of the celestial bodies of the cosmos
Over and over again, backwards and forwards
Forever and a day. So be it!"

When you are done, repeat the whole process a minimum of three times. Every time you do your secret name ritual, you reinforce a pattern or shield of strength, protecting you from negativity.

Remember: Never write down your secret name or tell anyone what it is.