Samhain Ritual


  • 1 candle (white or a harvest color even black is good)
  • Apple
  • A bit of fruit of the harvest
  • Chalice for wine/juice
  • Something for communion
  • Cauldron full of water
  • Paper
  • Pen

The poem below is a good place to start it can be recited before you cast the circle and invoke the god and goddess.
The year's fruitfulness is at an end.
Life has ebbed down into the earth.
There is no thrust of life and, in all nature, darkness gathers.
Now, with plants and animals and all of life, the wise turn inwards to the sleeping seeds, for death is a beginning.
I share this time with the dead and the unborn.

After casting the circle and invoking the god and goddess light a candle in the center of your circle, with the words:
"May this light shine in the Inner Realms, as it does in the world. It is the Samhain fire. Those who come to sit beside its flame are welcome."

Sit in silence, remembering friends or family members who have gone by. See if you can feel them near to you — sat at your fire. Do not force all of this just sit quietly and see what you will. Now is the time you may hear messages or advice for those who have gone or are yet to come. Give silent thanks for this then say aloud:
"The Wheel of Life must always turn
and death is preparation for rebirth,
as darkness deeply holds the seeds of light,
We shall meet and know, and remember, and love again."

Now rise and when you are ready dance around the candle deosil (clockwise) and chant:
"Darkness of deepest night,
filled with seeds of light."

Note: If you are not a big dancer you could drum, clap your hands or just chant ever louder till you feel some energy in the room. If you do dance try your best not to set your robes on fire dancing around a naked flame.

Now sit again — but keep chanting.

Place in front of the candle a piece of fruit from the autumn harvest (this includes nuts) to represent a gift from the goddess. E.g. blackberries, hazelnuts something small and nice.

Visualize a gold cone of energy building in the center of the circle watch it grow with your chant. Once you feel it is strong let it channel all of its energy in to the food. If you have a wand or athame you can channel it through that but it is up to you.

Now say:
"Within the silence and the darkness, may wisdom's fruit bring inner knowing. May it strengthen me, as I descend through the darkness of a winter season. I accept the change that wisdom brings, for such fruit may not be eaten lightly. It is the Lady's gift."

Now eat the fruit.

Now would be a good time to light some vision incense — which contains herbs to help get into a light trance or if you have non of these you could just keep burning the incense you were burning already.

Now walk deosil to the west quarter, where you have placed a cauldron (or bowl) full or water. Sit beside the bawl and gaze into the water until you see visions or until, with your eyes closed, you fall into a light trance.

If nothing happens except that you will receive some wisdom through the winter season, somehow. This may be a dream or relaxation. If you are relaxed some pictures really do tend to come.

When the trance is over and you feel ready get up and go to the altar, on which you have placed the apple. No altar then make one out of a stone placed at the north quarter.

Now hold the apple in your hand and say:
"I hold the fruit of the Underworld, which is given to all who know death in any shape, that they may find the seeds of new life. Every end is a beginning."

Eat the apple slowly and remember the this is the fruit of death and as you eat it Meditate upon what has to go in your life on the bad things that you want to change.

Now take up your chalice that should be filled with wine/juice and go clockwise to the east quarter — where the sun rises, the quarter of rebirth and new beginnings. Now sat at that quarter write down on paper a word or two that represents what you need to lose, weight, a bad habit a crap job. Something for the world could also be added that we should also be rid of pollution etc then burn it in the Samhain fire and watch them disappear in flames. With the words:
"So may this pass away and leave the world"

Sit awhile take in the peace of the new year have communion and close the circle.