Samhain Ritual


  • 7 black candles
  • 6 orange candles
  • 3 white candles
  • Apple
  • A chalice full of apple cider or juice
  • Athame
  • Incense
  • Bell

Once the circle is cast place thirteen candles around the circle — seven black (the color of the day) and six orange (a good strong energy type color) as you light each one say:
"Samhain candle of fire so bright
Consecrate this circle of light"

In the center of the consecrated circle place your altar, this can be whatever you like, something that is big enough to work off of. On the altar that should face north by the way, place three white candles one each of maid, mother and crone. At the west quarter place a chalice of apple cider/juice. To the east place a pot/stick of incense. To the south place an apple, an altar bell and your athame.

Ring the altar bell or clap three times then take the athame in your dominant hand and say:
"Listen well mighty elements
Hear my calls
Air, fire, water, earth
By noise of night and shinning blade
I summon thee
I summon thee!"

Now light the incense and the three white altar candles and say:
"Three candles in honor I light for thee.
O great and wondrous goddess
Let the flame burn for the Maiden
Let the flame burn for the Mother
Let the flame burn for the Crone"

As you say each phase of the goddess light one of the candles.
"In perfect love and perfect trust,
to the god and goddess,
to all things wild and free,
I am here to honor thee"

Now take you athame and place it in to the chalice and say:
"Bless this Goddess with your eternal power
I drink of the season,
I drink of thee.
Blessed now
and Blessed be"

Return with the blessed drink to the altar and pour a drop on to the apple and say:
"I bless those that have gone by and ask that the blessings of the god and
goddess go with them I fill the
fruit of the harvest with the knowledge and wisdom of those that have gone
before and in there memory I
ask that this be passed to me"

As you pour visualize the knowledge and wisdom passing in to the apple as a silver flow of energy.

Eat the apple and drink the last of the cider and as you do feel and enjoy the power of the ancients.

Sit quietly for a while and when you feel ready you can either close the circle or now would be a really good time to do some divination.