Sagittarius Energy Spell


  • Bag of unbuttered popcorn
  • Holly leaves
  • Sturdy thread

Time: Thursday, hour of Jupiter, moon or sun in Sagittarius, new moon

Pop one bag of unbuttered popcorn. As the kernels expand, think of the opportunities you wish to draw toward you.

String popcorn and holly leaves on sturdy thread, the longer the garland, the better. As you string each piece, concentrate on your desire. Knot the thread to finish the garland, stating your intention aloud.

Hold your hands over your project, again thinking of your intention. Make the sign of Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius in the air over your work.

Place the garland on your altar until your wish has been granted. Then burn the garland outside, thanking Spirit for the gifts you have received.

Note: You can also hang the garland on your Yule tree, or over a doorway, for the holiday season.