Ritual to Artemis


  • Item to represent the Goddess
  • Drinking water
  • Goddess candle
  • 3 candles in colors that represent strength, confidence and courage (red, green and black work well)
  • Mugwort incense
  • Circle casting materials
  • Candles for the four directions

Intent: To gain strength, confidence, courage to be who you are.

Time: On the New Moon

If performing at home, take a cleansing bath. If in the mountains, use a stream or a bottle of water you have brought for this purpose.

Cast the circle. Light the Goddess candle. Call the directions as you light the candles. Light the incense.
“Artemis, Lady of the Crescent Moon
I come to you on this, the New Moon
to ask for the strength, courage and confidence to be me.
I am tired of being whatever someone else thinks I should be.
I know what is best for me.
I know what is true for me.
I know I am buried deep from all the years of neglect.
I can feel me. I am ready, the labor is starting
I am waiting to be born.
With your guidance and your assistance,
I can be delivered.
I know you will make it as painless as possible.
I have the strength. I have the confidence and I have the courage.”

Meditate upon who you are, who you want to be, what attributes, qualities you admire in others. If you admire this in others, it is in you. They are mirroring for you. It is just buried. Ask Artemis to help bring it forward. What has been imposed on you by others? Ask Artemis to take these away.

Raise energy by whatever means you are most comfortable with. I chose to perform a bear dance. I envision myself as a she-bear. Fierce and strong. Growl like a bear. Let all the tension, anger, bitterness anything you don't want to diminish with each growl. Dance around the circle envisioning yourself as a bear. Raise the energy, fill it with all your frustrations! Growl, become fierce. Let yourself out. When you feel ready, release the energy, knowing with each passing minute, you are becoming true to yourself. Ground the excess energy. Drink water.
“Artemis, I thank you for your strength.
I thank you for my birth.
I am strong.
I am confident.
I am courageous.
I am Me!”

Extinguish the Goddess Candles. If possible, leave the three candles on the altar burning. Thank the elements and extinguish the candles. Open the circle and celebrate your birth!