Ritual of the Red Pot


  • Red clay
  • Pencil or clay stylus
  • Large black cloth
  • Large metal bucket

Fashion a clay pot with your hands. (Don't worry about it being a piece of art, because you're going to destroy it.) Carefully draw on the pot all the things that you want to get rid of in your life. Allow the pot to dry completely. Hold the pot in your hands and with your mind, fill it up with all the things that make you angry and unhappy. Cover the pot with the black cloth until you are ready to perform the spell.

On a dark moon night or on a Saturday, take the pot and the bucket outside. Cast a magick circle and call divinity. State exactly what you want to do, and say what is making you sad or angry. Ask for strength and blessings. Release the circle by taking the energy into yourself. Stand in the middle of where the circle was and place the bucket at your feet. Take a firm grip on the pot with both hands and slowly raise it above your head, feeling the power of divinity within yourself. At the peak, say loudly:
"I release myself from negativity. By the power of the mighty Isis, Mother of Magick, I break all negative connections to me. As I will, so mote it be!"

Then dash the pot into the bucket, visualizing all negativity breaking from you and dispersing where it can do no harm. Take the pottery pieces away from your home and dump them in an outside trash receptacle.