Ritual of the Guardians


  • 9 foot long gold cord
  • White seven-day candle

Time: Daybreak

Make a large circle on the ground where you will not be disturbed, but where you can face the sun with the gold cord.

Hold the white candle in your hands and concentrate on being solution-oriented. Visualize each speaker below as you read aloud their lines.

Speaker One: The Goddess
She is dressed in white and is crowned with glittering silver stars. As she begins speaking to you, she will place her hand on your head. Behind her is the night sky.
"Seeker of Light, I have heard your call in the darkness, and as the sun meets the new day I come to you. I am the Mistress of the Heavens and the Queen of the Stars. I am the Mother who created all things from the void. I am the beginning and the end of all manifestation. I have come to protect you. I will guard you against hungry, pain, sickness, and enemies. You have the power to master all difficulties. I ride on the winds of the North. I only ask that you will try to be truthful in all things."

Speaker Two: The God
He is dressed in gold, with a crown of stag antlers upon his great head. Daybreak is behind him. He, too, will place his hand upon your head during the reading. He will stand close to the Goddess, who does not leave. She remains as he speaks.
"Seeker of Light, I have heard your call. I am the Lord of the Sun and the King of the Earth. I am the strength and power of the universe. I am the divine partner of your Spiritual Mother. I have come to protect you. Just as I am the master of the force of the sun, you must be the master of your own fate. You have the ability to change your life in positive ways. I bring the wit and the wisdom of the east winds. May they bear you up and speed you over your unhappiness. I have only one request, that you do your best to speak the truth in all things."

Speaker Three: Your Guardian Angel
Only you can visualize this form. He or she will stand close to the Lord and Lady.
"Seeker of Light, friend, and companion, I have heard your cry, as have others in your heavenly circle of learning, those who you have left behind here in the Summerland, and those who have passed from your world to ours. They, as I, are always ready to assist you. I have walked with you into birth and have trodden your path, matching you step for step. Know that you are never alone. You have the power to change your life. I bring you protection and solutions to your problem. I have come on the winds of the South, and I hand you the flaming torch of knowledge and protection — take it and rejoice! I have only one request, that you do your best to speak the truth in all things."

Speaker Four: Yourself
You are addressing the other three.
"I am the Seeker of Light, and master/mistress of my universe. I am a Witch in thought, word, and deed. I am a part of the Hidden Children. I have the power to change and improve my life. I can orchestrate my own destiny. My life will be filled with beauty, love, and joy. I, above any, have the ability to direct the ship of my life to wherever I want to go, and to become whomever I wish to be. I welcome your protection and your gifts. Please help me to use them wisely. I will do my best to speak the truth in all things. So mote it be."

Meditate on the rising sun and enjoy the feeling of warmth that surrounds you. Don't be afraid to reach out and touch the divine. When you are through, take three deep, cleansing breaths and leave the circle area, drawing the energy of the circle into yourself. Ground and center. Allow the candle to burn completely.