Ritual of Dedication to Make a Talisman Effective


  • Talisman or other object
  • Smoke of a pungent incense

To be really effective, a talisman, amulet, gri-gri, or even a simple medal must be devoted.

Begin by passing the talisman or other object through the smoke of a pungent incense of your choosing. While passing the object through the smoke, generate and focus on thoughts of your objective or desire, of which to reach through the power of the talisman, amulet, gri-gri or other object you wish to employ and are now consecrating for that determined purpose.

Repeat the following words aloud as you continue to pass the object through the smoke:
“Seven spirits, carriers of the powers of the seventh star, guardians of the seventh door, whose names remain unspoken, I entreat you, in silence of your seven names, to grant me the whole of my request and in this thing I beg your attention and power that no wish be left unheard and no sight go by unseen. In your care I lay my trust that thus it may be done.”