Ritual for Banishing Evil Spirits From Your Home


  • Sage incense
  • Broom
  • Drum
  • Smudge stick
  • Candles

Negative spirits can easily find purchase in your home causing bad luck and even accidents in the home. Some spirits can be troubled human souls or ghosts. Others were never human and manifest pockets of negativity in your home. Malignant spirits can usually be detected without the use of meditation or magick. If you feel at all uncomfortable in your home, you might want to try a banishing ritual to rid your home of bad spirits.

One thing every witch's home should have is a house-spirit shrine. House spirits are like elves or fairies and are also called hearth-spirits. These beings love to help around the house and will aid you in keeping out negativity, keeping the house tidy, and helping you find things. Many witches keep a shrine for the hearth spirits in their home. This shrine is most usually found in the living room on or near the fireplace or in the kitchen. Some witches, however, are not completely comfortable with their families seeing the shrine. It is acceptable to keep the shrine in a bedroom where it will be a bit more out of the way. The shrine can be on a ledge, mantle, bookshelf, or an altar table. If you don't have anything like this, you can put it on a corner of the fireplace or in your kitchen window. Your altar can have a small statue, living plants, or just some sort of decoration you think your spirits might like. I have a statue that was given to me by a friend of mine. It is of a fairy sitting cross-legged with her arms held out in front of her. There is a matching dish shaped like a flower in which I place shiny coins and found buttons. The little people seem to have a great love for small baubles and shiny things. You should have some type of small dish in which you can put milk, cream, wine, or sweet cakes. Many house spirit altars have a small vase for flowers. You can add any other decorations you like and an altar cloth if it pleases you.

Gather together some sage incense (you can substitute any kind of purifying incense or use a smudge stick), a broom, sage tea or holy water, salt, a white or a black candle (or both), a candle for your hearth-spirit altar, and if you like, a rattle or a drum.

First, go around your home and open all of the windows and doors, including the garage door and any cabinets or closets. Set up your altar for the house spirits the way you want it. Take up your ritual broom and go to the end of the house, farthest from the front door. Sweep the negativity out of each room. The broom needn't touch the floor for this. Be sure to get into closets, cabinets, and cupboards. Imagine all of the negativity being swept out the doors and windows. If you have a drum, this is the time to carry it from room to room. Playing loudly will force the negativity out. If your problem is spirits, command them to leave as you sweep each room.

Next, take up your incense or smudge stick and light it. Carry it from room to room. Blow the purifying spoke into corners and crevices. Again, do not forget cabinets and closets. Then light your candles and walk around the house, shining them into all the corners and walking around the perimeters of the rooms. Shine their purifying light under cabinets and into closets. Next, take some of your salt and pour it into your tea or sacred water. Stir it thrice with your finger. Carry it around the house and sprinkle it around all the rooms and in the closets and cabinets. This action ends the purifying process. now you may go around your home and shut all of the doors and windows. As you shut each, draw a large banishing pentacle over each with your finger stating: "No evil may enter here," for each one. End with the front door. (Don't forget the garage door!)

Go to your hearth spirit's altar and light the candle. Leave a generous offering in the dish. Go to the front door and open it. Tell the good hearth-spirits that you welcome them into your home and any help they might provide. Let the offering remain on the altar the entire day. At the end of the day, pour it off onto the ground in the garden or under a tree. Don't forget to give them an offering once a week. Sunday is a good day as it is generally known as the day of rest and relaxation.