Reversing Your Own Spellwork


  • Any physical component of the original spell
  • Your notes from the original spell
  • Holy water

Go back over your notes and read over exactly what you did in the original spellcastings procedure. Use the same ritual that you used before until you come to the point where you cast the original spell. Hold your hands over any of the physical components of the spell (such as a Witch's bottle, a cord with knots, etc.) Say:
"Backward, oh backward, O time in its flight unfetter the binding of magick and might.
Reverse the intent with love and with grace disperse and return to your original state."

State loudly and firmly what you are trying to undo, then sprinkle the project with holy water. Break the project into pieces, then dispose in the garbage or burn as much of the project as possible, saying:
"The spell is reversed without hatred or curse. So mote it be!"

Finish the ritual as originally done.

Note: For whatever reason, if you no longer have the object, simply place your palms on the altar and visualize the act of removing the magick and taking apart the project you made. Finish by sprinkling your hands and the altar with holy water.