Rev-Up-Your Health Spell


  • Green votive candle
  • White votive candle
  • Black votive candle
  • Bowl of salt
  • Chalice of water
  • Dish of dirt
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Frankincense and/or sage
  • Cranberry juice or monkey sweat
  • Bread
  • Music

Cast your circle, using whatever method you like best. State your intention out loud very clearly.

Add some more frankincense and sage to your charcoal and smudge yourself thoroughly, imaging the smoke lifting any illness from you, dispersing it into harmless smoke. If any particular spot is bothering you, stay there awhile and concentrate on it.

Light the black candle, hold it a few inches from your breastbone, and imagine the flame burning away any unhealthy energy. Put it back on the altar and meditate on the flame. Now, collect any unpleasant emotions, physical pain, or stress by concentrating on moving your energy through your blood around your body as if it were a bright light chasing away your gloom. Move your energy and any psychic gunk you’ve collected into your dominant hand. Wrap your hand around the black candle and transfer your vexation into the wax. Let it go. Imagine the flame burning it away. Let it burn out completely. The black candle will continue to burn for several hours, so don’t leave it unattended. Put on some music and relax while the candle does its work.

Drink the water in your chalice. Feel it working down your throat, into your stomach, into your cells. The water will cleanse you, too. Fill the chalice with cranberry juice, Money Sweat, or whatever you’re using for a tonic.

Raise energy however you like, and remember to pull energy from the Earth. When you’ve gotten enough energy gathered, grab the chalice and hold your dominant hand over it. Move your hand clockwise over the chalice, repeating your intention or an incantation until you feel that it’s charged. Put it down, do the same thing with your bread and your green candle, filling them with energy. Then sit down and eat, drink and be healthy.

Light the white candle and imagine that it casts a white light around you, a protective shield. As soon as you sense that shield come up, snuff the candle. Any time you feel the need for that shield, light it again.

Release your circle and bury the black candle stub. For the next days, as long as the moon is waxing, light your white and green candles for a few minutes each day, strengthening your shield. Keep drinking cranberry juice too.