Removing Negativity from a Room or Home


  • Freshly cut flowers with long stalks or a few branches from a willow tree
  • Cinnamon
  • 2 feet of red, white and black ribbons
  • Holy water
  • Incense of your choice
  • Salt

Time: The fourth quarter of the moon, or when the moon is in Cancer

Tie the flowers or willow branches together with the three ribbons. Clap your hands three times over the flowers/branches, and say:
"Evil be gone!"

Sprinkle the flowers with the three elements and the cinnamon. Hold your hands over the flowers/branches, and say:
"Power of the earth, awaken elven magick!
Power of the air, awaken elven magick!
Power of the fires, awaken elven magick!
Red for the blood of life
White for the Lord and Lady
Black to remove all negativity
Waken golden energy.
As I will, so mote it be!"

Using the flowers/willow branches like a broom, sweep the entire area in a counterclockwise direction, starting from the center of each room outward toward the door.

When you are finished, open the door and sweep the threshold in an outward motion.

As you make the final sweep, throw the flowers/willow out the door, saying:
"This house is clean. So mote it be."

Place the flowers off your property with a final blessing of thanks.