Regaining Health


  • Green, brown or black candle
  • Eucalyptus or patchouli
  • Knife

There are two types of healing. One involves invoking healing energies and the other involves banishing illness. These are two different purposes with very different methods of execution. This is why even though the month is divided into two opposite halves (waxing and waning), you can still heal at any time during the lunar cycle. You can perform a healing invocation during the waxing phase or an illness banishing during the waning phase.

Anoint the green candle with eucalyptus oil during the waxing phase of the moon (or on the night of the full moon if the situation needs extra energy and you can afford to wait for it) or anoint the brown/black candle with patchouli oil during the waning phase of the moon (or on the night of the black moon if the situation needs extra energy and you can afford to wait for it).

In anointing your candle you will probably want to "charge" it with energy from inside yourself (Mental Magick). As you hold the candle in both hands, recite the following and imagine light, smoke, steam, etc. flowing out of your right (projective) hand and saturating/penetrating the candle and flowing back into your left (receptive) hand. As energy flows out of one hand it is sucked back up by the other. This is nature’s way of keeping you from "drying out" psychically. Don’t forget to employ this visualization. Many witches become unnecessarily ill for this very reason.

Recite the following four times while charging the candle. The chant works for both invoking health and banishing illness:
"Lovers dream
And children play
As bodies dry
Like earthen clay
But for the spark
Of life within
No charm or spell
Could rouse the skin
Yet I doth will
The spirit's fate
And call the stars
To stay the Gate.
This shell of life
Shall deign to thrive
'Til it no more
Remains alive."

Carve the following along the base:

Light the candle and allow it to burn down entirely. Discard any excess wax in running water.