Red Rose Love Spell


  • Chalice filled with grape juice
  • Red rose or dried red rose petals
  • Red candle
  • Ballpoint pen or quill
  • Rose oil

Do this spell just before you go to sleep.

Wash the candle in cool water, dry it and then place it on your altar.

Next, draw a magick circle and call in the elemental powers. Use the rose oil to anoint your forehead, both wrists, and ankles.

Now use the ballpoint pen to write the words “love” and “joy” on the candle body.

Next rub a thin coat of rose oil on the candle, and put it back in its holder. Light the candle, merge with the powers of Fire, and say:
“This flame ignites the passion,
Bring my true love to me,
In a heat that lasts forever.
So be it! So shall it be!”

Hold the chalice of juice in your hands and say:
“Bring my true love to me,
My sweet love to be.
I offer to you this toast,
So that our love will flow!”

Take the rose (or dried rose petals), and holding it in your hands, say:
“My true love, I call to you,
On a bed of roses, pink and blue.
A thousand fragrant flowers,
For us to wile away the hours.
If these pleasures, you desire,
Come be my live, in passion’s fire.
So be it! So shall it be!”

Then take the petals off the rose, one at a time, and place a few on your pillow and a couple on the floor by your bed. Snuff the candle out with your wet fingers or a snuffer. A seashell works great for this purpose. As you drift to sleep, imagine your true love coming into your life. Repeat to yourself:
“True love come to me.”

In the morning release the elements and pull up the circle. Scatter the rose petals outside your front door to attract your true love.