Psychic Meditation Spell


  • Blue or violet candle
  • Silver glitter
  • Jasmine incense
  • Psychic journal
  • Pen/pencil

In sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower your supplies. Hold the candle in your hand, close your eyes, and say:
"I set to fire the inner light,
So that I may see with second sight.
So mote it be."

Light the candle. Hold the glitter in your hand and say:
"I empower you to shine the way,
The future I will see today."

Sprinkle the glitter in a circle around the base of the candle. Hold the incense in your hand and say:
"Spirits of air, come to me.
Bring me psychic energy."

Light the incense. Sit quietly and gaze at the candle flame. After a while, pictures might come to mind, or a feeling of "knowing" on a particular issue. Write your impressions down in your psychic journal.