Protection Potion


  • Favorite perfume
  • 1 red or white rose
  • A small pouch preferably blue
  • Mint leaves picked on a new moon
  • Piece of hair of the person you are protecting
  • Small container (spray bottle)
  • Water (blessed)

Pour perfume into cauldron and add rose petals then shred the rest of the flower. Boil on medium heat with the water. Shred the mint leaves and add them piece by piece slowly chant:
"Oh, great Goddesses from above protect (person’s name) from all harm. Evil be gone good come near keep (person’s name) out of evils way."

Repeat as you stir counter clockwise. Let the potion cool till lukewarm then pour it into the bottle and bless it with the powers of north east south and west earth air fire and water then place into small bag and tie top shut leave out in the full moon then the day after to make the spell work. Once completed spray a little of your potion on the one to be protected do this daily until out of potion.