Protection Charm


  • Clear glass goblet
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Pendent

Fill a clear glass goblet about halfway up with water. Stir in a little salt and put in direct sun for approximately fifteen minutes. Let the water absorb the rays.

Along side the goblet, place a charm or talisman on a chain or cord and allow it to receive the sun as well (Note: You may want to use a piece of jewelry such as a gemstone pendant or stone you’ve found or any other natural object for the charm).

After fifteen minutes have passed, take the glass and talisman out of the sun and dip the talisman into the water. Using the chain or the string attached to the talisman, gently swirl it clockwise while you say the following three times:
“Apollo’s light surround me.
Poseidon’s water protect me.
Athena’s wisdom guide me.”

As you speak the words, imagine a beam of pure white light surrounding both the water and the talisman.

Leave the water with the talisman in it for another ten minutes, then dry it off and wear it with comfort in knowing that it will protect you.