Protection Charm


  • 1 red candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Small piece of white paper
  • Oil
  • Ink pen
  • Red ribbon

Set the white candle alight on the left to represent the Goddess and a red candle to the right to represent the God. Place the materials for the spell between the candles.

Using the oil, with your index finger, draw a pentacle in the middle of the white paper, while saying:
“With the seal of this pentagram I request that this charm be used for protection.”

Using a pen, in the center of the oil-drawn pentagram, draw your own special symbol for protection. Say:
“With this rune, I request that this charm be used for protection.”

When you are ready, roll the paper up with the red ribbon tightly tied lengthwise.

Hold the charm over the red candle and say:
“I consecrate myself in fire
So that I can defend myself
And protect myself with the power I have.”

Continue doing this with the smoke of the white candle, but consecrate it in the name of air. Hold the charm with both hands. Concentrate on the charm’s task. Then seal the left end of the charm with white wax, the right with red wax. The charm is now complete.