Protection Against Fire


  • Red candle
  • Dragon's blood oil
  • Chalice
  • Rain water
  • Salt

Anoint a red candle with dragon's blood oil on the night of the Black Moon.

Fill a chalice or glass with rain water and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Dip your right index finger in the water and stir counterclockwise while chanting the following ten times:
"Fire burns
But none so bright
Shall break this charge
Or flames ignite."

Drip the water over the candle flame (with your finger high enough above so as not to burn yourself) and recite the following phrase until the fame is extinguished:
"Des flammes soient allées!"

Bury the candle in the earth and pour the remaining water over top of it. Sprinkle some salt over the site and leave.