Protecting a Vehicle


  • Clear or yellow glass bottle
  • 1 quartz crystal small enough to fit in the bottle and be retrieved
  • Cedar chips
  • Pure spring water
  • A piece of red cloth made of a natural material
  • Frankincense or sandalwood incense

Create solar water by putting the crystal in the bottle, filling the bottle with the spring water, and placing it in the vehicle so that the morning sun will shine through it. Remove the bottle at noon. (Store water in cool dark area until the next morning.)

The next morning, spread the cedar chips on a non-metallic surface, and sprinkle lightly with the solar water. Place in the morning sun to dry. When dry, place the chips and crystal onto the cloth and tie closed.

Use a cleansing incense, such as frankincense or sandalwood, freshen the vehicle. Let it completely air out afterward. Then place the bundle in the vehicle. As you place it say:
“Let this charm keep me from harm.”

If doing this for another, change the phrase appropriately.