Protect Yourself from Angry People


  • 2 leaves of kalanchoe plant
  • Cocoa butter
  • Powdered eggshells
  • Cotton
  • White handkerchief
  • Pen
  • White candle

Take two leaves of the kalanchoe plant, and place them on the center of your altar. Rub cocoa butter and powdered eggshells on both leaves. Place them in the shape of a cross on the top of your head and cover the leaves with cotton.

Cover this with a white handkerchief tied to your head, as a gypsy or pirate might tie a scarf.

Write your name on a white candle, then light the taper, praying for peace in your life.

Leave the leaves and scarf on your head for about eight hours.

As you remove the leaves and cotton, place them in the garbage with a firm affirmation that your anger is discarded in the trash.