Prosperity Spell


  • Small black purse
  • Silver coins
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 4 garlic peels
  • Silver glitter
  • 3 silver bells
  • Sprig of rue
  • Piece of pepper plant
  • Paper and pen
  • Silver pentacle (or a pentacle drawn on yellow paper)

Fill the small black purse with silver coins. Add three mint leaves (to draw money), four garlic peels (to keep money once you have it), one silver pentacle, some silver glitter, three silver bells (to dispel negative energy around your finances), a sprig of rue, and a piece of pepper plant.

On a slip of paper, write your name and the amount of money needed, then add the words and a little extra. Place the paper inside the purse and close it.

Say the following chant nine times while shaking the purse:
“Money, money, come to me.
Bring to me prosperity.
Silver coins and silver bells,
Silver star the money swells!”

Begin saying softly, then increase volume as you raise energy.

Leave the purse on your altar or carry with you until you receive the money.

To keep the money flowing toward you, remember to give some of what you have received to charity or a friend in need. Save the money bag until you need it again.

Add fresh herbs and three more coins to reactivate the energy.