Prosperity Spell


  • Some money or pictures of cash, checks or jewels
  • Drum

Put the money on the altar, not as an object to worship but as a symbol to your deep mind of what you want to obtain. You may wish to place a goddess statue or another religious symbol behind the symbolic wealth, as a reminder that money is not the ultimate value. Then, stand up, and drum and chant to raise power. Your chant can be something like:
“Wealth, wealth, come to me,
I deserve prosperity.”

As the power moves toward its peak, imagine a huge transparent funnel over you, and huge amounts of cash, checks and other forms of wealth cascading down through it to pile up around you (or, at least, enough for your needs and some to donate to worthy causes).

Give thanks for the wealth which you know will be headed your way. Open the circle.

Afterwords, go seek a job if you don’t have one or ask for a raise, and give always money to charities. Soon prosperity will come to you.