Prayer to Zeus

Dear Zeus! I marvel at Thee.
Thou art lord of all, alone having honor and great power;
well knowest Thou the heart and mind of every man alive;
and Thy might, O King, is above all things.
How then is it, Son of Cronus,
that Thy mind can bear to hold the wicked and the righteous in the same esteem,
whether a man’s mind be turned to temperateness,
or, unrighteous works persuading, to wanton outrage?
Nor is aught fixed for us men by Fortune,
nor the way a man must go to please the Immortals.
Yet the wicked enjoy untroubled prosperity,
whereas such as keep their hearts from base deeds,
nevertheless, for all they may love what is righteous,
receive Penury the mother of perplexity,
Penury that misleadeth a man’s heart to evil-doing, corrupting his wits by strong necessity,
till perforce he endureth much shame and yieldeth to Want who teacheth all evil,
both lies and deceits and baleful contentions,
even to him that will not and to whom no ill is fitting;
for hard is the perplexity that cometh of her.