Prayer to the Threshold Guardian

Honor and thanks to you, O Janus,
For guarding the threshold of my home.
May only harmonious beings enter here,
And may the discordant depart!
Open this week (month, year, etc.) for me on blessings,
And teach me to look out and in at once as you do,
Thus guarding the threshold of my inner home;
For I, too, am a threshold guardian.
Honor and thanks to you, O Janus.

Note: The Pagan should hang a small offering shelf by the front door, or by the doorway to the front porch or vestibule, at slightly higher than eye-level. It should be large enough to hold a small incense burner, candle, tiny cup or bowl, and tiny salt dish. Above the shelf is a mask of Janus or Pele or some other God. At the inception of anything important, whether a month, week, year or the start of a special endeavor, fill the bowl and dish with water and salt, light a stick of incense, and light the candle. When the candle is lit, the God awakens. Stand back a little and salute the God with arms crossed over the breast, as in the pharaonic gesture. Then recite the prayer. Stand at attention for a few minutes, then let the incense burn down partway before snuffing it and the candle. The sacred household is an interface between one’s inner home and the local cosmos. We are threshold guardians for our inner home, Janus serves as such for our outer home, and the Sun is the threshold guardian for the local cosmos, guarding it and its inhabitants from interstellar entities. The Sun thus looks out and in at the same time also. The Sumerians and Hittites both thought of the God in the Sun as a guardian.