Prayer to the Kami

You who have gathered here to pray to these kami on this day, hear me.
I pray that all might be made as pure as it is proper to be, as it is proper to do;
as it was indeed pure when the land was made.
It was then that Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto formed it.
Then the spear was dipped in the sea, stirred it into foam;
then from the foam came the land, pure and shining.
Yet we have done impure deeds. We have broken divine laws.
We have violated familial obligations. We have supported the wrong.
When these are done, the people pour out sake, they dance in the ancient way to please the kami.
Best of all things, and before these things, they purify themselves, washing in pure water.
They wash the hands that offer, they wash the mouth that prays.
With our purification of ourselves, the kami will be inspired to purify perfectly.
With the performance of proper rites, the kami will be inspired to purify all.
Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanimi no Mikoto will impart the purity of the new land to each and to all, for now and for the future.
This is what I say today.