Prayer to the Gods

But, O ye gods, turn aside from my tongue the madness of those men.
Hallow my lips and make a pure stream flow from them!
And thee, much-wooed, white-armed Virgin Muse,
do I beseech that I may hear what is lawful for the children of a day!
Speed me on my way from the abode of Holiness and drive my willing car!
Thee shall no garlands of glory and honor at the hands of mortals constrain to lift them from the ground,
on condition of speaking in thy pride beyond that which is lawful and right,
and so to gain a seat upon the heights of wisdom.
Go to now, consider with all thy powers in what way each thing is clear.
Hold not thy sight in greater credit as compared with thy hearing,
nor value thy resounding ear above the clear instructions of thy tongue;
and do not withhold thy confidence in any of thy other bodily parts by which there is an opening for understanding,
but consider everything in the way it is clear.