Prayer to the Goddess

Space was born from you in the time before time,
and time itself, and death.
The Dying One was born,
leaping fully armed from your womb,
rising up to order the world.
The waters poured out, to be placed in their proper locations,
and solid ground was born, to support their weight,
to be the cup of their encircling border.
The directions were placed, each where it belonged.
And life itself was born, the unpredictable,
always yet going where it belongs.
Last of all, and most unpredictable,
your youngest children, we were born,
not always knowing where we belong.
And now I wish to praise the Mother,
who made these things to be,
the source of existence, granter of life.
You to whom we all belong,
you who knows the way we should go,
I praise you with my words,
I hold you in my heart.

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book