Prayer to the Genius of the People

In times past, people prayed to the deities who ruled governments to bless their society, to ensure good government.
They prayed to the god who guided the rule, or the genius of the ruler, or to the ruler himself.
We don't do that.
We have no ruler toward whom we might pray,
or to whose genius we might pray, or to whose guiding deity we might pray.
Or we do have a ruler, but not one; we have many.
For our ruler is the People.
So if we are to pray for our ruler we must pray to the genius of the polity itself,
not to give power, but authority,
not to ease the application of force, but its right use;
to gain liberty and justice for each person, and for the People.
Make us a moral nation, Genius;
that is, one in which each citizen is continually trying to both know and practice Virtue.
Instill in us and encourage in us a love for the Good.
This is the only way to pray for our ruler; be pleased by our knowing that.