Prayer to Posideon

To the high ruler of the sea Jove’s brother
And to his Thetis I give praise and thanks
With joy and gratitude to the salt floods
That having in their power my life my all
From their dread realms restored me to country
To you great Neptune above other gods I pay my utmost thanks
Men call you cruel
Rude and severe of greedy disposition
Blood thirsty fierce unsuflerahle outrageous
But I have prov d you other in the deep I found you of an easy clement nature
And mild as I could wish I've heard before
This commendation of you and from great
That you were wont to spare the indigent
And crush the wealthy I applaud your justice
In treating men according to their merits
Tis worthy of the gods to have respect
Unto the poor I know you may be trusted
Though they proclaim you treacherous for without Your aid your wild
attendants in the deep
Had mauled me sorely scattered all I have
All mine and me too through the azure plains
Fierce hurricanes beset the ship like dogs
Rain winds and waves had broke the masts yards
And split the sails if with propitious peace You had not been at hand
Away then I'm Resolved henceforth to give me up to ease
I've got enough with what troubles have I
Struggled in seeking riches for my son
But who is this that’s entering now our street
A stranger in appearance and in dress
Well though I needs must long to be at home
I'll wait awhile and see what he’s about