Prayer to Odin for Poetic Inspiration

Even if you have to use deceit to break through my armored walls to find there the inspiring drink my outward-facing eyes had never known was there, gray-cloaked wanderer, your face only half-hidden by your drooping hat, befuddle my mind so I don't remember the tales well enough to recognize you; slip through before I can put up my fearful senses.

I want you to bring the drink of poetry to me to swallow, but knowing the stories of what your own wisdom cost you, I think I'm quite justified in being afraid of what you'll want from me.

I'll look aside, then, avert my gaze, and you can sneak up on me, and rip out the hidden poetic madness in one quick motion, and then hold it out to me as if it were not your eye-payment, but mine instead.

Show me my unknown talents for inspiration, Odin, and I will know what else I need, and so be willing to pay the cost, even if it be as great as that you paid without hesitation.